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We believe in living Exceptional! Why do boring when you can do Exceptional?


Specializing in custom residential design and development we bring experienced and creative energy to the design process. Concept planning, user requirements and scenarios, sketches, renderings, CAD, documentation, scheduling, product / fixture research and selection, creativity and pragmatism, are all tools in our design process. Developed over 40 years of international experience our process takes your requirements and makes them exceptional!

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There is nothing more disappointing than developing a design for your dream home that you love and then not being able to build it. Or even worse, how about being in the middle of construction and not being able to finish? Financial modelling a project even before property acquisition has never been more important.


We are experienced in creating and analyzing financial modelling used in the acquisition and development of a project. Rapidly changing land and construction costs combined with ever changing and complex regulatory and approval processes means this is a service that has become more essential to the design and development process. 

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We like to say that a set of plans and a building permit is your permission to build but it doesn’t tell you how the building is going to be built and who is responsible for what in the process. We are experienced in developing specifications and tender documents that stipulate the missing pieces in an effort to minimize the risks inherent in the construction process, which often deals with multiple sub-trades and vendors. 

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Permits, rezoning, Minor Variances, TLAB, TPAL, Municipal Board hearings, Site Plan Agreements, Official Plan Amendments, public hearings, dispute resolution and negotiation. These are just some of the approval processes that our team is experienced in managing that we can bring to your project.

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Let us bring your exceptional to reality. Our team has years of expertise and experience coordinating multiple professionals both on and off of the project site. These include risk management, forecasting and planning.


We help achieve efficiency and effectiveness in a project to mitigate risk and enhance deliverables. We believe an important, but often ignored aspect of planning, is the relationship it holds to forecasting. Forecasting helps in predicting what the future of a project may look like, whereas planning predicts what the future should look like for multiple scenarios. Planning combines forecasting with the preparation of scenarios and how to react to them. Planning is one of the most important project management and time management techniques we use. We endeavour to  prepare a sequence of action steps to achieve specific goals. If done effectively, both can reduce the necessary time and effort in delivering the project to completion. 

About us

John Formosa is a team of creative and management professionals with decades of international experience. Made up of wisdom and youth it is a dynamic team that is not happy unless it delivers exceptional!

We deliver services in English, Korean, Chinese and Danish.

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